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The goal of Love and Light Games is to create books and games with important Esoteric and Disclosure themes that can be used as tools to facilitate awareness and healthy group discussion of some of the most sensitive and relevant topics of our time.


Through our Original Games, we strive to provide useful and practical methods for acquiring, playing with and assimilating new information, concepts and principles.


Through our Abridged Books, we have attempted to arrange the material in such a way that it is useful for new students as well as a study resource for more advanced students.


Through our comprehensive Self-Quizzes, we hope to help quantify the teachings, to qualify student comprehension and utilize them as part of a multi-modal approach to the study of the Ageless Wisdom.



We do not collect a profit from the sale of our games or books.


We are actively seeking partners to help

accomplish the following non-profit goals:


1.  Share posts & advertise 

2.  Help raise money to put

         10 games on

3.  Organize online game-play

4.  Translate games into other languages


Please email Patrick if you are interested!

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